In addition to tango music, which forms the core of their repertoire, the trio performs unique interpretations of classical, opera, symphony and film music. They also play pieces ranging from baroque-classical music to contemporary tango, pop-jazz and world music. Trio Belanima have collaborated with numerous musicians from different countries. All three members also have successful solo careers. However, hearing them play together in concert is a truly memorable experience. The recently formed Trio Belanima have already given well-received performances in Serbia and other European countries. The Trio, with their distinctive combination of instruments (accordion, cello, piano) and, consequently, their original interpretations and transcriptions of tango numbers, perform attractive virtuoso pieces that appeal to audiences everywhere. Trio Belanima play tango numbers and compositions in the style of Piazzolla’s tango nuevo. Their repertoire also includes pieces by contemporary Serbian and foreign composers written especially for the Trio. About us... © BELANIMA trio 2010